• Unsanitary Restrooms
  • Inattentive Server
  • Poor Lighting
  • Long Wait Times
  • Rude Employees
  • Loud Music

The Difference Between Guessing and Knowing

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What We Do

Using the fresh eyes of our extremely well heeled hospitality professionals,
we evaluate the experience the guests within your restaurant, bar, or nightclub encounter.


First, we investigate every important aspect of your establishment and then report to you a 20 point hospitality checklist. We uncover all issues from appearance to possible theft.


Uncovering a problem is important, but at CFBI that is just the beginning. Our industry experienced staff will also strategize to provide solutions to each issue uncovered.


In order to rectify the detected issues, our third and final phase consists of implementing a step-by-step process of our well thought out re-building strategy.

What We Detect

What We Detect

  • Unsanitary
  • Rude
  • Inattentive
  • Long
    Wait Times
  • Long
    Valet Wait
  • Loud
  • Unsanitary
  • Bartender
  • Inattentive
  • Poor Food
  • Poor
  • Confusing
Severe Minor

Yelp can be self-serving

FBI will save you before it gets to YELP or a critic.

Remember the old adage? If a guest had a wonderful experience at your establishment, they would tell 2 people. If they had an awful experience, they would tell 10 people. Today it is about the same, except if the guest has an awful experience - they YELP to thousands. No one can withstand that pressure. Yelp is taking the joy out of being a restaurateur. Now when you open your establishment, you aren't just waiting for your bona fide food critique - but thousands of amateur critics clamoring for attention. FBI wants to help you eliminate this.

What We Report

Unparalleled Reporting

Our team will compile a full report checklist regarding our visits.
We will then schedule a face-to-face to meet with you and/or your management team.


Your staff has the most interaction with your patrons. Our team will observe and report on these interactions. Both positive and negative interactions are noted.


All areas of the front of the house are checked and thoroughly noted for general cleanliness.

Ambience &

A trained professional from our staff will review the guest's experience as it relates to the look, feel, and overall visit to your establishment.

Noise & Music

Often overlooked, but most critical in determining a guest's repeat visits are the noise and music levels compared with the establishment's intended demographic.

Wait Times

Seating wait times can point to a trendy hot spot or be the result of poor planning, staff laziness or inproper training. Our experienced team knows the difference.

Food & Drink

It's the age of the millennial, presentation is everything. Make sure the Instagram photos of your food and drink become advertisements and not complaints.

Our Experience

Industry Experienced

People want to desperately read their "witty" critique.
California FBI wants to help an establishment before it gets to that.

"With owning over 30 locations nationwide, many times I tried to hire a secret shopper. I could never find a service I could trust. We enter this crazy business of hospitality for many reasons. We welcome guests into our concept that, as an owner takes all of our blood sweat and tears. Unfortunately, for the restaurateur he needs an incredible support staff. If one person fails to do their job, like a house of cards, it can all tumble. We can prevent this with FOOD & BEVERAGE INTELLIGENCE.

—Robert Watman, Founder

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